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Foam Lance Metal Filter Gauze.

Foam Lance Filter is a spare part for foam lance cleaning equipment. The Filter is installed inside the adjusting shaft of the foam lance.

Maximum pressure, Bar

Maximum temperature, oС

Maximum flow rate, l/min

Foam Lance Metal Filter

One of the most important parts of foam lances and foam nozzles. To avoid the disappearance of foam at non-contact cleaning always follow the simple instructions of operation of foaming equipment. Foam Filter (Filter Tablet) relates to unified spare parts and is suitable to all existing professional foaming equipment.

Where is the tablet installed? It is situated in front part of the foam lance under a black cylinder which can increase the spray angle of the jet. To replace the filter in the foam nozzle remove a pin and then remove the black cover, fully unscrew front part and pull out the old filter. Why the nozzle has stopped foaming? Very often the washerman simply forgets to rinse the foam lance from the remnants of chemistry. As a result the remains of a chemical agent dry up inside the Filter Tablet turning it into a brick, and in the subsequent use you get a jet of soapy water instead of foam.

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