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Molding (casting) Filters

Molding Filters are used in the manufacture of cast aluminum wheels. The design of the filter can vary according to the client’s requirements.

Casting filter

Our company develops and manufactures molding filters of various forms of execution (rectangle, circle, cone, etc.) for your production based on the submitted technical specifications.


In relation to the costly ceramic foam filters, reticulated ceramic, fireclay and other filters our products are taking advantage of:

  • low cost and high quality of filtering;
  • the use of technology of direct injection on the filter;
  • reduction of waste and the costs of mechanical casting process;
  • lower energy costs for heating metal as compared with other types of filters;
  • a high degree of chemical purity (absence of harmful components in the filter material adversely affecting the carrying out of finishing operations of casting);
  • high filter efficiency and speed of filling;
  • decrease of overall manufacturing costs and, at the same time, improvement of the quality of the final casting product.
The use of filters in metal casting allows:

– To reduce the number of cast defects associated with the presence of nonmetallic inclusions, oxide layers, slag and gas;

– To simplify and significantly reduce metal consumption of gating systems, as gating system does not need slag traps and elements that hinder the movement metal;

– To optimize casting speed, prevent erosion of casting forms and to improve the surface quality;

– To improve the mechanical properties of the casted structure and to achieve a better casting density.

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