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EMI Copper (Sleeve) Mesh

EMI Copper (Sleeve) Mesh is used for shielding cable connections, restore of power cables screen, align of the electric potential, as well as to align of the joint area in the oil-filled cables. It is widely used as part of mid-voltage and high-voltage cable joints.

Standard Type

A monofilament or polifilament mesh of one material in all of vertical and horizontal rows

Mixed Type

A mesh of combined polifilaments of the materials of various properties in all vertical and horizontal rows

Combined Type

A mesh of the combined filaments of a same material by property, where the threads alternate in horizontal rows

Multilayer Type

A mesh with two or more layers, where each layer is located inside the other and may represent by itself Standard, Mixed or Combined Type.

EMI Copper (Sleeve) Mesh

(Copper mesh tape, braided copper shield).

EMI Copper Mesh is a flexible conductive sleeve of tinned copper wire. When winding with tension the sleeve is compressed, which ensures adherence to all profiles without wrinkling.

It is used for shielding cable connections, restoration of power cables screen, aligning of the electric potential, as well as aligning of the joint area in the oil-filled cables. It is used as part of cable joints.



Screening mesh provides an ideal solution for many applications, especially when you need to repair leaks in the electronic equipment housings, shielding of the electrical and electronic cables, grounding, protection against static electricity and so on.

The screening can be made in different versions: as a sleeve for easy installation, for extrusion of cable wires, as well as by bars, rods, ribbon, etc.


The mesh can be used both in its original form or be processed into flat ribbons, stacked in layers, curled, crimped, pressed or processed by a combination of the foregoing.

Mesh crimping is often used. The process is characterized by passing mesh through special rollers to obtain the diagonal (herringbone) corrugations or fluting. This gives mesh an additional depth, typically between 4 and 8 mm.

For the manufacture of EMI shielding mesh any type of material can be used, although the most widely applicable materials include nickel-plated copper wire, stainless steel wire, copper-clad steel wire. Clad wire provides excellent shielding effect, while Monel is more durable and finds widespread application in aluminum housings.

EMI Copper (Sleeve) Mesh is used in many industries such as: electronic, electricity, aerospace, military, telecommunications, medical, laboratory and testing, as well as in related the abovementioned industries.

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