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Knitted Sleeve Mesh


Knitted Mesh is made out of stainless steel wire and is used in facilities of oil and gas industry, in manufacturing of oil and gas tanks and towers.


Standard Type

A monofilament or polifilament mesh of one material in all of vertical and horizontal rows

Mixed Type

A mesh of combined polifilaments of the materials of various properties in all vertical and horizontal rows

Combined Type

A mesh of the combined filaments of a same material by property, where the threads alternate in horizontal rows

Multilayer Type

A mesh with two or more layers, where each layer is located inside the other and may represent by itself Standard, Mixed or Combined Type.

Knitted Sleeve Mesh


Knitted Sleeve Mesh is a component for mesh demisters (mist eliminators), fire barriers, various kinds of filters, absorbers, etc. Main consumers: oil and gas companies, oil and gas processing companies, chemical industry, machine-building enterprises, metallurgical industry, etc.

Sleeve Mesh is made in various designs with the use of steel, Dacron, polyester and so on.

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Screening mesh provides an ideal solution for many applications, especially when you need to repair leaks in the electronic equipment housings, shielding of the electrical and electronic cables, grounding, protection against static electricity and so on.

The screening can be made in different versions: as a sleeve for easy installation, for extrusion of cable wires, as well as by bars, rods, ribbon, etc.


The mesh can be used both in its original form or be processed into flat ribbons, stacked in layers, curled, crimped, pressed or processed by a combination of the foregoing.

Mesh crimping is often used. The process is characterized by passing mesh through special rollers to obtain the diagonal (herringbone) corrugations or fluting. This gives mesh an additional depth, typically between 4 and 8 mm.

The Sleeve Mesh is made on the basis of the principles used in manufacturing of conventional knitwear, with many techniques and solutions that are used standardly. But in the case of the manufacture of metal products, polymers and ceramics, specialized heavy equipment is needed.

Firstly, the mesh is formed as a cylinder, or a so-called sleeve, the width of which in the folded state is from 60 to 1000 mm.

This material has interconnected asymmetric wire loops that can move relative to each other, enabling the mesh to be extensible in all directions, which provides high stability.

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