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Mesh Demister

(also known as eliminator, mist eliminator, mesh demister).

Demister is used as the most effective element for cleaning, drying, distillation and separation of the gas in tanks and towers.

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Mesh Demister

Mesh Demister (Mist eliminator) is designed for degassing oil and associated gas in devices of collection and preparation of oil field production, and in other technological devices designed for the separation of air and gas from liquids and flue gas emissions.

Vapor-water operating mode.

Mist eliminators are made of metal wire or plastic wire filaments with a typical wire diameter of 0.1 – 0.3 mm formed in one integral structure and then pressed or shaped to the desired diameter, depending on the diameter of the steam supply tower. Compressing or packing density may be different: in the upper part of the filter is higher, at the bottom – the less dense. Changing of the grid density is necessary for a better distribution of the liquid droplets and its better separation from the vapor fraction. Water molecules contained in the steam passing through the eliminator precipitate on the filaments of the filter due to distillation. Accumulating as they pass upwards droplets become heavier and begin to flow down by gravity, resulting clean and dry steam without water impurities in the output. Water is diverted to the recycling of the device. Under normal operating conditions eliminator efficiency reaches up to 99% with a pressure drop of less than 250 Pa.

Gas separation operating mode.

In many technological lines used in gas production, gas processing, oil refining, chemical and related industries there are installed mesh filter elements, which require periodic replacement. During normal operation of the chemical industry the diameter of the droplet separation in a gaseous environment is about 0.1 ~ 5,000 nm. Separating of droplets, which diameter is of 100 microns and above, can be easily solved by standard methods. Drops with a diameter of 50 mm and above can be separated by gravity techniques. The droplets of 5 micrometers in diameter and above can be separated by inertial method, collision method and centrifugation. Droplets of 5 microns and below can be separated by means of fiber filters and static drop eliminator.

Mist Eliminator (Demister) can be made of metals and plastics such as AISI-304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 430, Monel, nickel, copper, PTFE (Teflon), HDPE, PP, etc., and other metals, alloys or plastics which can be recycled to the wire or thread.

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